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Wedding Planning Information and Advice

Not having ever been married or planned a wedding I’m not talking from firsthand experience, but I have had experience at weddings of my partner’s family, as well as the usual family functions and I therefore imagine one of the most stressful parts of any wedding celebration is dealing with guests you don’t like. Please […]

Children at Weddings

You’re either into children or you’re not – they either cry immediately when left in your care or you end up being the cool ‘aunt’ or ‘uncle’ that they always want to babysit them. But when planning your wedding you have to think about a lot more than just whether you and your fiancée like […]

Wedding Car Hire National Website

Looking to hire a wedding car? Consider it done with Wedding Car Hire. You may not realise, but your wedding car is one of the most important items to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly. Your wedding day is all about running to schedule, if you are late to the church the ceremony will be […]

Children in Limos

What do we do about children in limos? I don’t mean high school students on their prom night, that’s another story, I mean young kids, under teens, riding in limos with their parents on a night out, riding with their Aunts and Uncles in a wedding limo because they are the flower girl or page […]

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