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Limo Dreams of Cambridge are proud to shout…

Limo Dreams of Cambridge are proud to announce the success of the previous six months working in conjunction with limo broker, the UK’s leading limousine hire agency, offering a first class service throughout East Anglia and London. Joining Limo Broker has been a breath of fresh air. They offer a highly professional service and best […]

Prom Limos – The Biggest Prom Limo

So prom night huh? You’ve asked the girl of your dreams to be on your arm for the night and you’ve bought a corsage which will match her dress but will it be enough if you don’t pick her up in the biggest and best prom limo of the night? Of course it will! Not […]

Limo Broker leads the way!

Limo Broker.. Welcome to dedicated page for Limo Broker, the UK’s leading limo hire provider offering a national service. Limo Broker™ is the UK’s leading limousine hire broker, working with some of the UK’s top limo companies to offer a nationwide service unmatched by any of our competitors. Having many years of combined experience we […]

Miss Limo

Miss Limo has become a staple of the European Limousine and Chauffeur Show, held in the UK every September, and is seen as adding some extra glitz and glamour to an already sparkling industry. However, do you agree that the Miss Limo contest should be a part of the Limousine Show? Does the contest give […]

Limo Passengers on the Phone

Do you hire a limousine so you are free to talk on the phone while you’re in the car? Yes, lots of people do, but do you wonder whether a passenger on the phone is equally distracting for your chauffeur. We’ve all been trying to drive while a passenger sitting next to us has been […]

Does Size Matter?

Does size matter when it comes to limousine hire? Well of course the size of the limousine matters because it will affect how many of your friends/bridal party/clients you can fit in the limousine and whether you need to hire more than one. What I meant was, would you hold it against a limousine hire […]

Chauffeur Napping!

The trial with the limousine and the chauffeur which crashed, leaving a Red Wings player and the masseuse permanently disabled has just heard the chauffeur take the stand. He has admitted that he fell asleep at the wheel and that he woke up just before his limousine hit the tree. While the seriously injured passengers […]

Muslim English teacher admits threatening to blow up Europe's largest shopping centre with limousines as moving bombs…

A Muslim English teacher today pleaded guilty to threatening to blow up the giant Bluewater shopping centre. Saeed Ghafoor said he was going to bomb Europe’s largest shopping complex using three limousines with gas canister explosives. Bomb threat: Saeed Ghafoor threatened to bomb Bluewater shopping complex using limousines and gas canister explosives But when questioned […]

Limo Convoy 2008

The 2007 World Record Limo Convoy managed over 1 Mile of stretch limousines 124 limousines attended! WOW! (Although the organisers are confident we have achieved the mile – We have to wait for official confirmation from “Guinness World Records”) The 2008 Limo Convoy is planned to be bigger and better, and of course longer than […]

Should there be one law for stretch limos?

The Stretch Limousine Law… Every-time I speak to limousine operators with regards to the limo law, I get a different answer every time. So what really is the law? How many passengers can I carry? Is S6 the way forward? Am I legal to carry 16 in a Hummer? Am I covered from the insurer? […]

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