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Not having ever been married or planned a wedding I’m not talking from firsthand experience, but I have had experience at weddings of my partner’s family, as well as the usual family functions and I therefore imagine one of the most stressful parts of any wedding celebration is dealing with guests you don’t like.

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It’s traditional for you not to like or get along with your in-laws and while this isn’t always the case, there are varying degrees of dislike when you merge two families. For reasons which may or may not be clear to everyone, your fiancée’s mother gets on your nerves when she criticises every event she didn’t organise, your fiancée’s father embarrasses himself and everyone else when he has a few drinks and shares (forces) his opinion with the entire room, and then there are the in-laws who have personal hygiene issues and you don’t want them coming anywhere near your perfect white dress.

So how did you deal with/plan to deal with, family, in-laws or guests at your wedding who you don’t like? Did you just try and avoid them, grin and bear it, or make the most of the fact that your parents were picking up the bar tab?

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