Job Vacancies for 10/5/2010

PSV Limousine driver. PSV casual/smart driver for limo company.

Mainly weekends.

Must have clean licence. Good communication skills and good references.

Apply to 07773 351898.

Hearse chauffeur fined for driving without seatbelt

The hearse was carrying the coffin of elderly grandmother Jane Davis when Cambridgeshire police traffic officers pulled it over.

Pc Steve Gedney issued the ticket to the driver for not wearing a seat belt after stopping the car in Great Wilbraham, Cambs. The hearse was on its way to Holy Trinity Church in nearby Bottisham, where Mrs Davis’ family were waiting.

Gail Hardy, 46, from Newmarket, Suffolk, witnessed the incident and said she was shocked officers interrupted the sombre trip.

She said: ”That was somebody’s mother and grandmother – it’s disgusting.

”It was on its way to a funeral so the family were probably waiting somewhere. I couldn’t believe it.

”The police could have taken down the hearse’s number and dealt with it later in the day.”

Mrs Hardy said the coffin was decorated with flowers spelling the word ”nan”.

The hearse had come from M J Silcox & Son Funeral Directors in Llanelli, South Wales, where Mrs Davis who was originally from Wilbraham, had died in hospital on April 18.

Pc Steve Gedney defended his actions in pulling over the hearse at around 3.25pm on Thursday.

He said: ”We noticed the driver and passenger of the hearse were not wearing seat belts.

”We drove past them in a marked police car and the parked in the lay-by ahead, hoping they would realise and put their seat belts on but they didn’t.

”After checking there were no family cars following, we pulled the driver over and realised they had driven from South Wales.

”We wouldn’t normally ignore road users not wearing seat belts as we take road safety very seriously.”

The passenger had put a seat belt on by the time the hearse pulled over and escaped being issued with a ticket.

Pc Gedney added: ”Drivers and passengers of hearses are just as likely to be involved in a collision as anyone else.

”Not only is it illegal not to wear a seat belt, it is proved to reduce injuries in such as event.”

No one from the funeral directors was available for comment.

Chauffeur Services in Barcelona.

Do you need a driver/correspondent in Spain?

– French National based in Barcelona.

– Clean driving & criminal record (Military service in the French Gendarmerie)

– Touristic experience (Sporting events – tour etc.)

– Education background (Bachelor University of London)

– 4 languages (French, English, Spanish, Italian,)

– Experience driver (training in escort driving, transfers all distances)

– Good interpersonal skills

– Highly flexible (24/7)

– Discreet

– EC driving licence

Contact Email:

WestOne Cars award chauffeurs and staff

WestOne Cars has announced its internal award winners. Each year WestOne Cars presents awards to individuals who have made a significant contribution to the business.

Just one lucky winner at WestOne Cars

The awards winners were invited to a celebratory event hosted at WestOne Cars’ London ServiceCentre in EC2. Patrick Gallagher, Managing Director, London led the celebrations with a tour of the facility and introduced the Award winners to key staff. This was followed by a three-course lunch, after which the winners were presented with their awards.

The 2009 award winners were:

London Employee of the Year
The London Employee of the Year award was presented to Scott Davies, Fleet Operations Manager. Scott joined the business in 2003 and was nominated for the role by Am Pall, Fleet Director. Scott was nominated for the award as, during his time at WestOne Cars, has developed into a capable manager who always strives to achieve the best for the Business and his colleagues. No job is ever too big or too small for Scott and he works tirelessly in his role.

Am Pall said: “Scott is a highly valued member of the team. The only issue I ever have with Scott is trying to convince him not to do too much! I am delighted we have his energies in our business.”

Redhill Employee of the Year
The 2009 Redhill Employee of the Year award went to Clare Gore, Finance Department Supervisor. Clare has been with the business since 2003 and was nominated by Finance Director, Gerard Keenan. Clare was nominated for the award as she has shown herself to a reliable and hardworking member of the team.

Commenting on the award Gerard said: “Clare always shows a real commitment to the Company and, in particular, made a real effort to come into work during the recent bout of bad weather, ensuring her department continued to function as normal. This type of effort does not go unnoticed.”

Clare said: “I thoroughly enjoy working at WestOne Cars and take great pride in the role I have here. It is nice to know that your effort and commitment are not only seen, but recognized as well.”

Car Driver of the Year
The Car Driver of the Year award was presented to Patrick (Gus) Gaffney who joined WestOne Cars in 2007 following the acquisition of Burgundy Cars. Patrick was nominated by Tony Marson, Operations Director for his hard work, dedication and commitment to the role.

Explaining his reasons for nominating Patrick Tony said: “Gus is a dedicated member of the team who can be called upon at any time. He is a real asset to the business.”

In conclusion Chief Executive Andrew Bernard said “We have had a lengthy period of economic uncertainty and, therefore, I feel it is both appropriate and motivational to be able to recognise and reward the commitment and success which has been shown to us as a business. Despite the economic climate WestOne Cars continues to strive forwards and achieve impressive growth rates. This is made possible due to the commitment of our excellent staff and drivers; just a handful of whom have been recognised here today. On behalf of the Group as a whole I would like to thank all of the award winners for their support and look forward to yet another successful year.”

Fresh new face for Maybach

The super-limo from Mercedes-Benz has been given a fresh new face for 2010, and with it a whole variety of updates and improvements to the range of vehicles.

Firstly, a large new chrome radiator grille confidently emphasises the legendary saloons’ exceptional status. Other new highlights include the bonnet with a shaped edge, the trim on the front bumper with daytime driving lights featuring LED technology, high-quality, dark red tail lights and a new, exclusively developed paint and stylish wheels. In future those purchasing a Maybach 57 and 57 S will also be able to opt for the rear reclining seat from the Maybach 62 models.

New items are available on request, among them seat piping which is hand-braided or refined with CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements, an exquisite flacon perfume atomiser and a WLAN router for wireless internet access. As an option, a 19-inch cinema screen and an overview camera for the rear passengers can be installed in the rear of the Maybach 62 and 62 S models. The output of the twelve-cylinder engine in the Maybach 57 S and 62 S has been increased to 630 hp yet the pollutant emissions of all models have still been reduced.

Revised exterior look fof the Maybach 62s

The facelifted versions of the Maybach saloon are even more self-confident and effortlessly superior, their charisma even more striking. The exceptional status they enjoy finds its main emphasis in the new dominant chrome radiator grille, which is meticulously produced in two different variants. In the Maybach 57 and 62 models it has 20 fine longitudinal bars, and in the Maybach 57 S and 62 S twelve solid double louvres and a “shadow strut” flag up the vehicle’s tremendous power. Both arrow-shaped radiator grilles are also higher and boast significantly greater dimensions than before, and they have been assigned a more upright position.

The designers have elevated the modified bonnet and given it sharply defined contours. It has a contoured edge and appears distinctly arrow-shaped. A restyled, horizontally structured bumper trim gives the Maybach saloons an even broader look. Daytime driving lights featuring LED technology and bordered with a chrome insert have been integrated into the outer air intakes.

The new exterior mirrors with optimised aerodynamics for less driving noise harmonise with the striking front, whilst their large surface means improved vision. Dark red tail lights and chrome trim used on the handle in the boot lid creat a powerful, distinguished look at the rear. This in turn is underlined by new high-sheen 21-spoke 19-inch wheels in titanium silver for the Maybach 57 and 62 models. The Maybach 57 S and 62 S models will in future be shod as standard with new 12-spoke 20-inch wheels in noble sterling silver. All models are available in the new Bahamas Blue paint.

The rear reclining seat which has only been available in the Maybach saloons with a long wheelbase up until now can, with immediate effect, also be installed on the front-passenger side in the rear of the Maybach 57 and 57 S models. At the same time Maybach has enhanced the craftsmanship of the seats for all models. The look of the seat upholstery layout has been refined and given additional piping.

Potential customer for the revised Maybach range

As an option a large, high-resolution cinema screen with a 19-inch diagonal can now be fitted to the centre of the partition in the Maybach 62 models, as an alternative to the 9.5-inch monitors in the rear available until now. If required Maybach will also fit the vehicles which have a partition – which, incidentally, can now also be personalised with motifs of the customer’s choosing – with an overview camera, via which the rear passengers are able to keep an eye on the traffic in front of them without being seen themselves – even with an opaque partition window.

Thanks to an innovative WLAN router it is even possible to enjoy wireless internet access during the journey. This state-of-the-art connection uses the fast transmission standards HSDPA, UMTS and GSM/EDGE. A new mobile phone hands-free system with Bluetooth functionality is also available in the rear. And a newly developed DVD player in the rear now also reads extended DVD formats.

The Maybach MANUFAKTUR showcases handcraftsmanship with no compromises in the interior, where materials of the highest quality abound. There are three new interior appointments with different leather, carpet and headlining colours. New trim in selected dark brown bird’s-eye maple, which can be combined with brilliant porcelain piano lacquer in the Maybach 57 S and 62 S, underline the regal ambience. As an alternative, customers can now choose from carbon-fibre trim elements with a sporty touch in various different colours, such as silver and red.

Even though the Maybach developers have increased the output of the Maybach 57 S and 62 S by 18 hp to 630 hp, they were able to improve the consumption figures (from 17.2 to 17.9 mpg) and the CO2 output (from 390 to 368 g/km CO2). The output of the 57 and 62 models remained unchanged, whilst consumption (18.8 as opposed to 17.7 mpg) and CO2 output (350 as opposed to 383 g/km) was also cut here. All the Maybach twelve-cylinder engines meet the EU5 standard/LEV2.

New XJ achieves environmental certification

Jaguar has received certification from the VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency) for a comprehensive ‘cradle-to-grave’ study which analyses the environmental impact of the all-new XJ model.

The new XJ arrives in UK in May 2010.

The detailed lifecycle study will help accelerate the development of the next generation of more sustainable Jaguars, and highlights the company’s progress in reducing the carbon footprint of its products.

The lifecycle assessment of the latest XJ was fully audited and approved by the VCA, making Jaguar one of the few vehicle manufacturers to have completed an officially recognised study of the environmental impact of a vehicle – from manufacturing, through a lifetime of customer use, to ultimate disposal and recycling.

The comprehensive study will enable Jaguar to identify new opportunities to improve the sustainability of its vehicles, including developing the aerospace-inspired lightweight aluminium architecture which plays a central role in the outstanding performance and efficiency of the new XJ.

“VCA certification is an important milestone in Jaguar’s mission to reduce the environmental impact of its products,” says Tony Higgins, Project Leader for the XJ certification. “Detailed lifecycle assessment helps us understand more clearly the most effective ways of reducing each model’s carbon footprint.

“Jaguar is committed to maintaining a leadership position in its approach to sustainability, and the certification achieved for the new XJ model is an independent validation of the progress we have made,” he added.

Lifecycle Study Follows Leading Environmental Management Standards

The VCA certification involved an audit of each aspect of the lifecycle assessment carried out on the new Jaguar XJ, addressing product development, manufacturing processes and vehicle performance. This took account of the principles, requirements and guidelines for life cycle assessments as described in the International Standards ISO 14040:2006 and ISO 14044:2006. The audit also reviewed evidence of the integration of environmental aspects into the vehicle’s design and development as described in ISO TR 14062:2002.

To give an accurate assessment of the environmental impact, thelife cycle study was based on the creation, use and disposal of a typical XJ vehicle over a specified lifetime (200,000km), including the materials used, material processing, assembly and transport during manufacturing.

As the first complete life cycle study carried out by Jaguar, the analysis provides a significant opportunity to increase understanding about the environmental impact of producing and using one of Jaguar’s latest products, and to use this data to generate improvements within future vehicles.

Paul Markwick, VCA CEO, said, “I’m delighted to present this certificate to the team at Jaguar; I know it marks the culmination of a lot of hard work. Environmental issues are rightly high on the business agenda so it is great to see industry embracing initiatives such as Life Cycle Assessment, This demonstrates a clear commitment to the management of environmental impacts at all stages of the product life cycle, from concept through to the end of vehicle life. VCA has supported the automotive industry with its certification needs globally for more than 30 years and this extensive knowledge of the sector means that our audit teams understand the complexities of the vehicle design and construction process and the legislation supporting this”.

£4,600 meter reading for Spain rescue mission

A cab driver in Northampton found his choice of Hyundai i800 was ideal when he got a booking to collect a fare from Barcelona in the recent volcanic ash flights ban.

The eight-seat Hyundai i800 MPV meant the journey to collect a group of stranded holidaymakers and their luggage from Spain was a breeze, even with two drivers on board.

Hyundai i800 – Value for money people carrier

“We got the call at 9.30am on Tuesday and were on the road within an hour to collect four people,” said i800 owner Garry Smith. “I took my son Ben so we could share the driving and booked the Eurotunnel crossing on route. When the passengers heard what car we were in they asked if we could take six people which because of the car, we were happy to do.”

Stopping only to change drivers every few hours, re-fuel and answer calls of nature, Garry and Ben arrived in Barcelona on Wednesday morning. They didn’t even turn the ignition off before they were loaded up and heading back.

After the 2,500 mile round trip, Garry and Ben got back to the UK on Thursday morning with the cab’s meter reading a whopping £4,600.05. However Garry billed the group a pre-agreed £1,850, which worked out at just over £300 per passenger. “It wouldn’t really be fair to charge them the meter rate,” said Garry, who bought his i800 from Kingsley Hyundai in Bedford last year.

He added: “It’s been perfect and it’s now got 65,000 miles on the clock. I’ll definitely be buying the van version [Hyundai iLoad] for my Clever Cogs carpet and upholstery cleaning business when my current van needs replacing.”

Garry originally picked the i800 because he specialises in executive transport and longer journeys. He wasn’t surprised to be called on for the rescue run as he narrowly missed out on a job to Geneva just before the Barcelona trip came up. However he added this journey was his biggest trip ever.

Chauffeurs to see revised Phaeton model

Featuring a new look and technologies, the recently revealed Phaeton builds on what is already one of the most advanced and thoroughly engineered cars on the road today.

Built in a state of the art transparent factory in Dresden, the new Phaeton features a new face, comprising a pair of bi-xenon headlight units complete with LED running lights and a new grille featuring two pronounced horizontal bars to lend the car a more imposing stance.  Elsewhere, new front wings and a reprofiled bonnet are joined by a revised front bumper, complete with chrome strips and a set of LED foglights.

At the rear, a set of light units fitted with intricate lenses sit above a redesigned bumper.  Finally, new alloys wheels complete the changes to the outside of the car.

Inside, a new steering wheel and a colour electronic display ahead of the driver are joined by fresh trim finishes and, for the first time on a Volkswagen, the option of Google Maps on the RNS810 satellite navigation system.  Feeding power and information between these and other vehicle systems are over 2,000 separate cables measuring 3.2 km connecting to 60 control units.

The air conditioning system on the Phaeton remains one of the most advanced in the world.  As well as featuring a humidity monitoring function to avoid the vehicle misting up in all conditions, the Phaeton W12’s 4Zone climate control system is designed to be capable of maintaining a steady interior temperature of 22 degrees Celsius while the vehicle is at a constant speed of 186 mph in an ambient temperature of 50 degrees.

The interior of the new Phaeton LWB

While this situation is unlikely to be encountered by the majority of motorists, the climate control systems, aerodynamics, brakes, suspension, steering system and even wipers have been designed to cope with speeds far exceeding the norm of 0-155 mph.

The new Phaeton retains a very high level of standard equipment including 4MOTION all-wheel drive, Continuous Damping Control (CDC) adjustable air suspension, leather trim, satellite navigation, 18-way adjustable electric seats, a laminated finish to all glass areas and a total of eight airbags.

Two wheelbase options will be offered (120 mm differentiating the two) and a choice of two engines – a 3.0-litre V6 TDI diesel developing 240 PS and a 6.0-litre W12 petrol engine producing 450 PS.

The new Phaeton goes on sale this August with prices and specifications set to be announced nearer this time.

Lexus recalls SUV’s and GS models in Europe

Chauffeurs in Europe who operate Land Cruiser and Lexus GS are facing a voluntary recall of the models.

Toyota Motor Europe has announced it would make a voluntary recall of around 7.500 units of Toyota Land Cruiser 150 (Prado) and Lexus GX 460 in Europe in order to carry out a reprogramming of the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) software to improve its responsiveness in very limited circumstances and to ensure customer satisfaction.

While the recalled vehicles are apparently safe to drive under normal driving conditions, on certain vehicles equipped with the optional Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System, when the driver makes a sharp turn of the steering wheel at high speed, or when the driver negotiates a curve to the right at excessive speed, there is a possibility for the car to slide out, even though it is a controllable situation.

The manufacturer says this is due to an insufficient activation of the VSC system when the vehicle is driven under certain extreme driving conditions. The issue was investigated following a report in a US based consumer magazine.

The affected vehicles in Europe are only left-hand drive versions, no right-hand drive models are affected. The voluntary recall includes the Toyota Land Cruiser 150, available across Europe, and the Lexus GX 460 which is only available in certain Eastern European markets. A remedy for this issue has been announced by Toyota Motor Corporation.

Chauffeur Vacancy for 18/4/2010

Part Time Chauffeur / Handyperson. Experienced and Clean licence required. Tel: 0208 240 4444.

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