Children at Weddings

You’re either into children or you’re not – they either cry immediately when left in your care or you end up being the cool ‘aunt’ or ‘uncle’ that they always want to babysit them. But when planning your wedding you have to think about a lot more than just whether you and your fiancée like kids because there is a lot of extra effort involved in making your wedding kid friendly.

And if you do decide to invite kids to your wedding, you have to make sure they are entertained and feel just as welcome as all the other guests so they need their own menu, maybe games or colouring books and a dedicated bridesmaid or groomsman to keep an eye on them and keep them out of trouble.

And if you’re not inviting little ones to your wedding, you are probably going have to explain why to a few of their parents who will RSVP for their kids, even though they weren’t on the invitation.

So what did you do/are planning to do, on your big day, was it easier just to say yes to the ankle bitters or put a blanket ban on sticky fingers and screaming during the ceremony?

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