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Wedding Car Hire Prices

When shopping around to book your wedding car, you have probably been searching for a while to find the right ones, and now, several months before your wedding day, you have booked your wedding car or even a limo fleet, paid the deposit and signed the contract… Sometimes people do tend to rush as soon as they […]

Are Passengers Happy with Chauffeurs using the phone whilst driving

We all know we’re not allowed to talk on the phone while we’re driving, and this is probably one of the reasons you hire a limousine to get you to a business meeting – so you can make some last minute phone calls on the way. But what about our chauffeurs? We know they’re not […]

Lincoln Navigator Limo For Sale 2006

Hi I have a Linocln Navigator 2006 140″ strech for sale. It has TAX & Registered into the UK. It has only done 6000 miles since new. Pearl white with grey and black leather interiior. Still in showroom condition. If anyone is interested, please contact me on the details below: Name : MR ANWAR Tel […]

Crash test has revealed that smaller cars have a poor safety component

The results from a recent Australian crash test has revealed that smaller cars have a poor safety component and that small cars, particularly small Australian made cars, will cause more damage to the driver in an accident. But didn’t we already know this? I remember when I first started driving and my dad would only […]

Limo Hire Basingstoke

Looking to hire a limo in Basingstoke? Why not book a limo with Limo Hire Basingstoke – A Company owned by the Group offering a low cost local limo hire in and around Basingstoke, Reading and Berkshire.  Pink Limo Hire Basingstoke – Pink limousine hire at the cheapest prices. Hire your favorite pink limo […]

Limousine Link Exchange FREE

Want better ranking on Google, Yahoo and MSN??? Want to make your website much more popular??? The answer to both of the questions above is right here!!! LINK EXCHANGE WITH LIMO BLOG – The most popular blog site within the limousine industry! Having a link on a popular site will definitely make your search engine […]

Google Algorithm changes limo hire results.

It looks like Google have made changes to their Algorithm this morning. Several limousine related websites have been affected with this change. Google runs on a unique combination of advanced hardware and software. The speed you experience can be attributed in part to the efficiency of the search algorithm and partly to the thousands of […]

Limo Hire for Children and Kids Parties

It seems the phrase ‘only in America’ gets more and more of a work out every day but I’m not sure that the judgmental newspaper columnists have it quite right this time. There is a new trend sweeping the US which sees young girls, around five years old, celebrate their birthdays with a trip to […]

Airport transfer limo hire

Limousine airport transfers seem like the real of the rich and famous and the important business person, but many people choose to organise an airport transfer for their family holiday, their honeymoon flight or their girls’ weekend away. Limousine airport transfers are generally not much more expensive than a taxi or shuttle bus ride, and […]

Best Limo Hire or Cheap Limo Hire

So, there are so many limo hire companies out there, how do you choose yours? You may not hire a limousine every day or even every week, but if you have gone through the process of researching limo hire companies and choosing the one you think is best, go on and share your decision making […]

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