Children in Limos

What do we do about children in limos? I don’t mean high school students on their prom night, that’s another story, I mean young kids, under teens, riding in limos with their parents on a night out, riding with their Aunts and Uncles in a wedding limo because they are the flower girl or page boy.

Are they being exposed to drinking, to a partying lifestyle when they should just be left to be children? If they’re in a wedding limo, aren’t the bride and groom enjoying a glass of champagne, not to mention the bridesmaids and groomsmen too? While their family may have a few drinks around the kids at home, a limo feels like a whole other world and things could be done and said without regard for little ears.

Maybe in these situations they should hire a kid friendly limo and have an adult who will remember that even though other rules seem not to apply when riding in a limo, kids can still be impressionable. After all a limo ride is such a unique experience the kids will remember it for a long time to come, the good and the bad.

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