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Lemons to Lemonade

Most people who have a bad wedding limousine experience are likely to let it ruin their day and some may even take it as a bad omen for their marriage. However, when Fairfield couple Eric Boeppler and his new wife Lynn ended up with a wedding limousine which was in very poor condition, they took […]

Know Your Limo is Checked

They say that hindsight is 20:20 and of course it is always easier to see what you should have done after the fact, looking back, and wiser for the experience. However, hindsight is not actually something which can change the decisions you make now. All you can do is look at as many angles of […]

Interview Interest and Chauffeur Personality

Interviewing potential employees can be tricky as there are questions you want to ask which you are often not allowed to ask because of equal opportunity regulations, not to mention the fact that you can ask someone all the questions you like about their previous employment and still only have part of the picture. It […]

Limo Insurance Tracking

Limousine hire companies can be faced with a lot of issues and resistance when trying to get insurance for their fleets. This is not only due to the fact that many of their limousines are modified after market and must be verified as safe and from a qualified coachbuilder, but also because of the value […]

Instant Technology for Chauffeurs

With technology advancing at such a rate, it hard for anyone over the age of 15 to keep up with all of the newest gadgets, options, programs and services out there which could make your life easier, if only you knew about them. For example, there are a variety of instant messaging services on the […]

Illegal Passengers

Limousine chauffeurs are known, and relied upon for their discretion and their privacy, allowing their passengers to conduct private business meetings, discuss personal matters or enjoy the romance of a private date. However, where do limousine chauffeurs draw the line at turning a blind eye? If a limousine chauffeur picks up a passenger for a […]

Idle Monitoring for Limousines

While a limousine chauffeur is provided with an itinerary of their passenger’s movements and where they need to be and when, there may be times when their limousines are left idling at the curb. For example, when excited prom parents are taking photos, photos and more photos, or when a limousine booked for an airport […]

Accident Prone in a Limo

The world of WWE is one which you either love or hate, one which either has you glued to the TV screen or quickly changing the channel. If you fall into the first category of people then you will know all about Vince McMahon and his recent unlucky adventures. It seems that the WWE conflicts […]

Flashy Limo Ads Banned

In St Cloud, Minnesota, officials are considering placing a ban on neon signs which advertise local businesses, after residents have companied that the signs are garish and give a negative impression of the local community. The neon signs in St Cloud advertise things like limousine hire and spa rentals and the business owners who use […]

Ambitious Limo Marketing

It is all very well to have the best limousine hire company in the country, or the most unique, or the one offering the best deals, but unless people know about it, it will get you nowhere. The issue with starting and running a limousine hire company however, is that sometimes even the best businesses […]

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