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A Limo is Anything But Neutral

Yellow is a colour you can’t help but be happy about isn’t it? It is a bright, sunny colour which goes with everything and is often the colour which saves the day when a baby on the way could be a boy or a girl, or when you’re unsure of someone’s favourite colour when buying […]

Two Toned Too Outdated?

All things two toned seem a little out dated to me, I supposed I’m thinking mostly of two toned shoes – I’m imagining shiny, patent shoes in black and white, worn in similarly coloured movies. So when it comes to two toned limousines, and there are a few around – silver and black on the […]

The Only Classy Prom Limo

You know what makes the most difference, grabs the most attention and makes the biggest statement – something being somewhere it’s not expected; you don’t always notice a pet cat when you visit a person’s house but when they’re walking it down the street on a lead, you notice; you don’t always notice the clowns […]

Confused About a Lincoln Limousine?

Hiring a Lincoln limousine. I bet that has caught out a few passengers who didn’t think to put too much effort into researching their choice… Lincoln is probably one of the most versatile limousine badges you will see within the industry because not only have they cornered the market on the traditional standard long wheelbase […]

Green on the Outside

Yes, we are hit over the head constantly with the need to do something positive for the environment, especially when we get within even an inch of a vehicle we may be thinking about driving, buying or riding in. Of course, within the limousine industry you are already aware of this because more and more […]

Do Limos Make a Difference

You often hear about people who are sick or injured who have been helped out by a ‘wish’ foundation and got to meet their favourite football star, singer or actor, and the wish almost always comes with a limousine ride too. But does the limousine ride really make a difference to someone who is terminally […]

Luxury Collector's Edition

I’m all for special editions of things, collector’s editions or anniversary editions – I happen to think that if a product, service or company has survived long enough to reach a milestone year, then that should be celebrated, plus I like to have something which is better than what other people have. I’m also a […]

Audi's Green Light Technology

The new technology in Audi’s latest luxury car allows drivers to miss more red lights, make it through more green ones and in turn use less fuel because they are stopping and starting less. Well that’s the theory at least. However, Audi’s new device works by telling the driver what speed they need to be […]

Anniversary Edition Limo

Most people put a lot of store in an anniversary – husbands are in big trouble if they forget their wedding anniversary, parents are in even more trouble if they forget their child’s birthday and any milestone anniversary which a new product, service or company can celebrate is a big deal. You always see anniversary […]

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