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It's All About the Bling

Gold. Bling. Oooooooh, you just can’t help but stop and take a look, and sometimes there is nothing else for it, you can’t get it out of your mind, you just have to have it. Whether it is a new gold bracelet from your favourite jeweller or a sparkling new mobile phone cover if you […]

Why Hire a Black Limo

Would you go black and never go back? Well it doesn’t really matter because when you hire a black limousine you are only hiring it for a few hours, or at the longest a few days so if you don’t like the colour you are free to ‘go back’. A black limousine isn’t for everyone […]

Use Your Instinct

Parents have got a pretty rough deal sometimes, along the lines of ‘they’re dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t’. In the eyes of the public, the media and the woman at the next checkout watching your child scream about wanting chocolate, there’s a fine line between neglect and spoiling, between love and […]

Subsidised Limo Hire

Should limousine hire be subsidised for older drivers? You know, the drivers who are too old to really be driving safely on the road but have slipped through the cracks of the testing system and have retained their license. Even if their eye sight isn’t as bad as the next person’s or they haven’t had […]

Stupid Limo Laws

There are plenty of stupid laws out there which we feel we have the right to ignore, after all they’re stupid. How many of you have jaywalked because it was too far to walk to the lights? How many times have you driven over the speed limit because it was recently stupidly changed to a […]

Zoe Miles – The leap from ‘up and coming’ to ‘the next big thing’

Zoe Miles –  The leap from ‘up and coming’ to ‘the next big thing’ Read full the full story… With her father heavily involved in the UK limousine industry, Zoe already has the style – and of course the equally stylish ride – to take her all the way to the top, but if you […]

Limo Convoy 2008 in Blackpool

Last year’s record-breaking limo convoy in Blackpool, turned out to be the largest limo event of 2007 and what an incredible evening it was. 124 Limousines provided the most amazing spectacle for thousands of spectators lined along the famous Golden Mile. Thanks to all who generously provided limousines and chauffeurs to make this event such […]

Tacky Spice Mel B Prowls Beast Limo

Mel B prowls around Los Angeles in the world’s ugliest stretch limouisne.. This is really something which has to be seen to be believed/understood/appreciated read this article and this is definitely a limousine you won’t quickly forget. While the choice makes sense (?) since Mel B was once known as scary spice and often got around […]

Limousine Number Plates for sale (PINK)

Looking for a new number plate for your pink limousine? There are 3 x PINK car numbers for sale which are very suitable for pink limos.. P11NK P P11NK R P111NK P For more details and prices, please call us on the number below.. Tel: 08700 111 441 Website:

Redvers Limousine Repairs

REDVERS LIMOUSINE SERVICES. Limo Repairs. Limousine Resprays. Limousine Glass. Limousine Air Conditioning. Limosine Schedual 6 Conversions. Limousine Vinyl Roofs. Limousine Sales. Limousine Accident Repairs. Limousiine Recovery. Limousine ICE. Limousine MOTs. Class 4,5,&7 Limousine Exhausts. Limousine Gearbox. Limousine Cam Chains Replaced. Limousine cylinder Heads Repaced. Total Limousine Re-vamps. Everything you need in one stop. Call 0845 […]

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