Strangest Limo Hire Experience

So what is the strangest reason you have ever hired a limousine? Or maybe you’ve heard a story about a friend who hired a limo for a unique reason, or maybe it’s just another urban legend? Go on, share it with us!

This isn’t really the strangest time I’ve hired a limo but the most interesting reason I had ever had at the time to ride in a limo. On holiday with my parents, many years ago, we had organised to be a part of a tour but the bus was late or didn’t show up (I can’t remember) and so the tour bus company sent us a limousine!

Being a teenager on a family holiday I was generally unimpressed with the entire experience, until my family and I got to ride in a limousine. I remember it as a big black car with strips of lights inside – my first, and most unique limo ride. How about you?

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