Your Ideal Limo

The questions of ‘what is your ideal limousine?’ or ‘what is your dream vehicle?’ seem to be almost moot now that the limousine manufacturing industry seems to follow every new production vehicle and every new trend, by stretching it out into a limousine.

Even if there was a car you dream about when you first started driving, or if you saw a car and though, ‘wouldn’t it be great to be chauffeur driven around in that?’, chances are, you now can be. There are limousines made from planes, trains and almost any automobile you can think of from Ferraris and Lamborghinis to Hummers and 300s.

But maybe you come with a challenge for the limousine coachbuilders? Maybe you have a dream luxury car which hasn’t been realised yet…? Do you think the limousine industry has stretched all it can or is there a vehicle out there you think needs to join the ranks of luxury transportation?

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