You Have to Wear Seatbelts

When you ride in a limo it feels like all of the usual rules go out the window doesn’t it? You’re being chauffeured to your choice of destination, the door is held open and you are helped in and out of the car, and you are riding in a limo which would cost you two year’s worth of wages. So with that said, why do we still have to wear a seatbelt?

It feels a wrong doesn’t it? Getting dressed up, sipping a glass of champagne, and struggling into a seatbelt. You don’t want to ruin your best suit or dress if you accidently get it caught in the seatbelt, and you want to feel like you’re free to enjoy the space and luxury of the limo.

But it pays to remember that if you decide not to crumple your evening wear with a seatbelt, you should be prepared to be cut out of it if there’s an accident. Harsh? Yes but it’s about your safety, in that case you can never be too harsh can you?

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