X-Factor winner Joe McElderry finds 2 fans hidden in his chauffeur driven car

Fanatical fans of Joe conceal themselves in the boot of his car for three hours

Two excitable fans who watched the X-Factor winner Joe McElderry perform on the live X-Factor tour in Aberdeen this week just couldn’t bear to see him go; so they hid in the boot of his chauffeur driven 4×4 for three hours.

The two female fans were desperate to meet their idol and to get an autograph to they decided to take drastic action by distracting the chauffeur and concealing themselves in the boot of the car. The 4×4 is Joe’s designated car for the tour which is currently showing at a whole host of venues across the UK.

The girls remained hidden in the boot for three hours whilst the X-Factor winner enjoyed a celebratory drink with crew members after the gig.

According to a source, 15 minutes into Joe’s journey back to his hotel he was alerted to the girl’s presence in the boot when he heard giggling. The X-Factor winner was said to have been “stunned – not to mention a little freaked out” to find the two girls concealed in the boot.

However smuggling themselves in the boot of the 4×4 seemed to work a treat as kind-hearted Geordie Joe was more than happy to sign autographs for them and ensured they got home safely after their adventure.

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