Who Cares About Fame

Do you care about fame? I’m not asking do you want to be famous, but rather do you care if the restaurant you are eating at was the set for a movie, do you care that you are staying in the hotel roo where JK Rowling finished her last book and do you care if the limousine you are riding in also transports celebrities to the Oscars?

Or maybe the limousine you’re hiring once belonged to someone famous, does this mean the limo hire company can charge you more for it, and do you even care? Sounds like the perfect plot for a sitcom, hang it is! It was a very funny plot line for a Seinfeld episode where George buys a new car because he thinks it once belonged to John Voight, the actor.

Some people are interested in that sort of thing and would happily pay more to hire a limousine if they thought that Catherine Zeta-Jones had once ridden in it, but does that really make the ride worth more?

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