Whitney Houston has diva-style strop after her limo arrives late

Whitney Houston flies off the handle after her limo arrives 2 minutes late

Grammy-award winning singer Whitney Houston lived up to her feisty reputation over the weekend when she exploded into a full blown diva-style strop after her chauffeur driven limo arrived minutes late.

The legendary songstress had just touched down in Brisbane airport, Australia, when she was became enraged after her Mercedes Benz limo wasn’t waiting directly outside the terminal to greet her upon her arrival.

It’s been reported that the Bodyguard singer was heard yelling “this is bulls**t!” whilst waiting a whole 2 minutes for the silver limousine to turn up. An unfortunate passer-by also felt the full force of the wrath of Whitney when he suggested the singer take off her dark glasses and big hat and enjoy the sunny morning, she allegedly told the man in no uncertain terms: “mind your own f***ing business!” The limo chauffeur, when he arrived, is said to have fared much worse at the hands of the legendary US singer.

Whitney is in Brisbane to make two scheduled performances over the coming week. She’s due to take to the stage in Acer Arena, in Homebush on Wednesday, and Hunter Valley on Saturday. The 46-yearold is currently enjoying a comeback with the release of her new album I Look To You, and she also celebrated the 25th anniversary of her debut album in January by re-releasing the record.

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