What's In The Name of a Party?

So you’re the bride to be and you’re planning one last girls’ night out before the big day – what’s that called again?

So you’ve popped the question, chosen your groomsmen and you’ve just been let off the leash to enjoy one last night of freedom, for your what night?

Maybe it is the different countries and culture which have different names for the pre-wedding celebrations of brides and grooms, but aren’t a hen’s night and a bachelorette party the same thing? Do you have just as good of a time on a stag night as you do on a buck’s night or at a bachelor’s party?

I don’t actually think the name of the party makes any difference to how much fun you have on the night, I think it is just a personal preference. However, to me, I would prefer to plan a hen’s night rather than a bachelorette party as ‘bachelorette’ to me, has connotations of a group of girls going out in a huge black Hummer, dominating the bar, sculling beer, whereas I would rather my hen’s night involved delicious cocktails, gorgeous manicures and luxurious facials.

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