What Have You Not Thought Of?

There are many inventions which were discovered by accident – someone was trying to create one thing and ended up with another, and often that person wasn’t trying to create anything at all but simply came up with a way to solve a problem or meet a need they had, and it turned out other people needed the same solution.

So I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise that while limousines began life as a convenient way to avoid getting one’s feet wet, they have evolved into so much more. And what’s more, they’re perfect for it.

Like wine tasting for example – is there any more perfect way to go wine tasting than in a limousine where everything is taken care of? You have a designated driver so you don’t have to spit out the wine, you have a safe place to store your wine in between wineries where it won’t be pinched, you have a cool limo, or better yet a limo fridge, to store your wine in so it doesn’t get ruined by the heat and you are able to sit back and enjoy the scenery which inevitably accompanies cellar doors.

This makes me wonder what else limousines are perfect for that we haven’t thought of yet. What do you think limos are perfect for?

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