What Can You Ask?

So what can you really ask your limo hire company to do – how far can you go? You are hiring a limousine probably to make your life easier and to ‘see how the other half lives’ as they say, so can you really see what it is like to have everything done for you by your limousine chauffeur and the limo hire company, or is that about more than just limo hire?

I mean, can you ask the limo hire company to block out the windows before picking up your partner because your destination is a surprise? Can you ask your chauffeur to make sure there is coffee waiting for you (white with one please) when you are picked up for a meeting? Can you ask for there to be champagne (French, yum) and roses (long stemmed and pink thank you) waiting in the limousine for your girlfriend and soon to hopefully be your fiancée?

Are these just things which go with the territory or do I just need a personal butler? Home James.

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