Wales Take on the World – Featuring Limo Broker

As well as the opportunity to grow existing businesses through easy access to new customers, the internet also enables previously unviable businesses to thrive – and Wales is the breeding ground for many of these success stories.

One such example is Linkword Languages, a Swansea-based company selling language courses written by learning experts that increase the speed of learning by up to 3 times that of normal methods.

As its website is not limited by shelf space, Linkword can offer a huge range of products covering many languages from Mandarin, to Russian, to Portuguese, to Welsh. The internet offers huge reach and allows the business to scale. In the last 20 years Linkword has sold over 750,000 courses worldwide in software, MP3 and CD format, but now sales are at an even higher level because of the reach afforded by the web, allowing the company to invest in brand new courses. An independent high street store selling language products might never survive.

Then there’s Limo Broker, for instance, a successful Cardiff Bay-based company offering limousine hire and chauffeur services. Starting out with only one staff member and two limousine agents, Managing Director, Tej Randeva, built a good website and put in place a savvy search marketing strategy in order to grow the business. Being ‘found’ on search engines when people are seeking information on limos or related services has been instrumental in the company’s success.

The internet is enabling new business models and helping companies of all sizes acquire new customers they could never previously have accessed. It also affords them unprecedented levels of transparency and accountability. With online search marketing, advertisers can bid to appear only against specific users’ search queries, so they are sure to be targeting a relevant and interested audience. And while the Internet opens up national markets, if a company only serves a local area, it can ensure that its ad is only shown to people searching in that area. Most importantly, with search marketing programmes like Google AdWords, advertisers only pay when a user clicks their ad, meaning the model is fully accountable. Even the smallest company operating out of a garage, and with a marketing budget of a few pounds a week, can tap into these new opportunities. All they need is a good product or service and a web connection.

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Author: Dan Cobley is Director Marketing, UK, Ireland and Benelux, Google.

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