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One of the most common reasons for stress in anyone’s life is money troubles and this can come in the form of a mountain of bills, or simply having a mountain of things you want to buy and not being able to afford them. This is of course what happens in the planning stages of many weddings – you have an image of your dream dress, the most beautiful flowers, the most perfect limousine and the most romantic honeymoon, but you have a guest list of a length which is going to cost you all of these things and more.

So what do you do – you cut down the list and spend your wedding budget on the things you want, rather than on inviting people you’ve never met or don’t really like. But where do you start to cut? Well you can start by not inviting children – there will then be no extra charges for a kids’ menu. You can also choose not to put ‘plus one’ on the invitations of your single friends to discourage them from seeking out a date just for the night, but for who you have to buy dinner. Then of course you can explain to your parents and parents-in-law-to-be that you don’t want to invite another two dozen of their friends, unless of course they pay for them.

Wouldn’t you rather spend your money on a marriage than just a wedding and how did you make these tough guest list decisions?


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