Two Toned Too Outdated?

All things two toned seem a little out dated to me, I supposed I’m thinking mostly of two toned shoes – I’m imagining shiny, patent shoes in black and white, worn in similarly coloured movies.

So when it comes to two toned limousines, and there are a few around – silver and black on the same limo anyone? Red and cream? – I may need a little convincing about who would hire these sorts of limousines and why, outside of a 1920s theme night?

I suppose these colour combinations are quite complimentary and on a dress, as a party colour scheme they would be stunning, however, I tend to think that the colour of the limousine you choose makes as much of a statement about who you are and why you’re hiring a limousine, as the limousine itself and when you can’t decide between a black or a silver limousine, then what sort of look are you going for? A mysterious and sleek look with the black, coupled with a neutral and classic look with the silver? Can anyone shed some light here for me?

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