Trusting Klutz

So, I’m a bit clumsy, things just happen, glasses break, things get knocked over, dropped, squashed or torn and I’m really not sure how it happens. But I am sure that I’m not the only person out there like this, surely there are other people who have accidents where things end up broken or spilled, and now their friends or partners label them a klutz.

This is all well and good but if you are one of these sorts of people, what do you do when you ride in a limousine? Do you slide around in your seat to reach the sound system to adjust the music? Do you try and play around with the TV to get the movie going? And the big question – do you try and enjoy a drink from the limo bar?

As a clumsy person do you trust the limousine chauffeur to drive smoothly so you can keep your drink either in your glass or in your mouth and nowhere in between or is this just asking for trouble?

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