Tourists warned to book car hire early this Easter

Vehicle rentals on the rise this Easter

Car hire experts are warning tourists travelling this Easter to book in advance as early signs show that there is an increased demand for rental vehicles across Europe. Some of the most popular destinations where car hire is already heavily booked include Tenerife, Faro, Rome, and Alicante.

It is believed that Easter will be a very busy holiday period as many people chose to stay at home over the festive period due to toll the holiday season had taken on their finances. With the country struggling out of recession, money was still tight for many. As we seem to be turning the corner, more holidaymakers are expected to come out over Easter than before.

Bookings for car hire in Europe are already on the rise, and with that, so are the prices. It has been estimated that vehicle rental rates are 13% higher this Easter break when compared to the same period last year.

The economic climate has also had a marked effect on the car hire industry and is partly responsible for the rise we are now witnessing in hire prices. As the banks are less willing to lend to businesses following the credit crunch, car hire owners have been unable to secure finance to invest in new vehicles for their fleet. This has resulted in a reduction in the number of vehicles available, yet there has been no let up in the demand for hire vehicles.

So if you are planning a getaway this Easter, make sure you think ahead and book your car hire early in order to make the most of any special offers, and to ensure you secure yourself a vehicle.

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