Is It Alright to Flash If You're the Pope?

We all like to show off our individuality and we all have our own ways of doing this. We may express ourselves by our hairstyle, our clothes, our jewellery or our car but each says something about us which we want the world to know, and which makes us feel good.

For Pope Benedict XVI, he shows his individuality through his shoes and whenever there is a glimpse of his distinctive footwear, the newspaper photographers are right there waiting to capture it. When the Pope arrived at Andrews Air Force Base near Washington this week to begin his first visit to the US as pontiff, he flashed the cameras a glimpse of his red shoes as he got into his limousine.

For the Pope it must be hard to express his individuality when he is fully robed in the dress of his office, there is a lot expected of him and his behaviour is closely monitored and expected to be of a certain standard. So when he has the chance to express his own personality and succumb to his own tastes, I sure he will take it. So while the Pope riding in a limousine is not in itself noteworthy, the fact that he flashed his unique red shoes as he slid into his limo sanctuary is worth a snap.

But while you may not arouse as much interest as a visit from the head of the Catholic faith, you can still show your individuality in whatever way you choose. You can don your red shoes and ride off in your limousine, if that is how you choose to indulge the fun and funky side of your personality. If you would like to experiment with expressing your personality through just your limousine choice, we can help you there too.

There are colours, styles, sizes, shapes, brands and genres to suit your personality, your mood and your sense of fun and for more information on hiring a limo to flash a little of your personality around for the cameras, contact one of the limo hire companies on this site.

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