The Queen hitches a lift after her Bentley limo breaks down

The Queen had to get a lift from the police after her limo broke down

Her Majesty the Queen was forced to hitch a lift yesterday after her Bentley limousine broke down whilst she was out and about on official visits in the London.

The exquisite Bentley had been a gift to the Queen from the manufacturers to mark her Golden Jubilee back in 2002. However the fine limousine wouldn’t start after the Queen emerged from the Gherkin building whilst on a royal visit.

Approximately 1,000 people lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the Monarch as she emerged from the London landmark. Luckily the 83-year-old’s blushes were saved by the police who were on hand to offer the Queen a lift to her next engagement, leaving the Bentley limo to be taken away by the mechanics.

The Queen had 4 engagements in the capital on Wednesday so there was no time to spare when the Bentley broke down. The Monarch was then chauffeured off to her next visit at Tower Bridge in the back of a police 4×4 Range Rover.

Earlier in the day, the Queen had paid a visit to Aldgate tube stop where she was given a guided tour of the station. Perhaps she would have been better off sticking to the tube and leaving the limo at home?!

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