The Only Classy Prom Limo

You know what makes the most difference, grabs the most attention and makes the biggest statement – something being somewhere it’s not expected; you don’t always notice a pet cat when you visit a person’s house but when they’re walking it down the street on a lead, you notice; you don’t always notice the clowns in a parade but when the clown is riding the bus home, you notice.

The same goes for your limousines I think – it’s not always about choosing the biggest and brightest limousine to be noticed, sometimes the smaller classier one will do the same job. Like at a school prom where all of the other kids have rushed out to hire a huge pink party bus or a tough black hummer limousine…if a Rolls Royce limousine, just a simple, standard long wheelbase sedan limousine, were to glide gracefully up to the hotel, the smartly dressed chauffeur were to rush around and open the door and the students were to stylishly alight (from an easy to manage height), they would make a bigger entrance than all of the SUV limos put together.

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