Tacky Spice Mel B Prowls Beast Limo

Mel B prowls around Los Angeles in the world’s ugliest stretch limouisne..

This is really something which has to be seen to be believed/understood/appreciated read this article and this is definitely a limousine you won’t quickly forget.

While the choice makes sense (?) since Mel B was once known as scary spice and often got around in her trademark leopard print outfits, but is this limousine – obviously custom built – just a sad, desperate bid for attention?

While trotting this limousine out on a Saturday night certainly attracted the attention of the local paparazzi, I guess it doesn’t mean this is only a desperate grab for the spotlight. Maybe Mel B should be celebrated for showing off her individuality and personal style and not worrying what other people think. Perhaps we should all take a leave from this spice book and indulge a side of our personality which is sometimes ignored.

Luckily for us there is already a plentiful array of unique limousines cruising the streets for us to choose from and most less painful to the eye than this mass of fur!

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  1. omg, Spice Girls rules!

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