Swearing Fine

Is swearing fine or should New York taxi drivers be fined for swearing. Well this week a New York cabbie has copped a $1,000 fine for swearing at another driver. After being honked at by another cabbie, the fined cabbie let loose with a tirade or profanities. The taxi driver copping the abuse then accused the swearer of assault.

The fine comes with a 30 day suspension and the New York taxi drivers are grimly aware times are changing. Where a limo chauffeur would keep their thoughts on other drivers’ skills to themselves, a taxi driver seems to have more of a free reign, until now.

The real irony is that back in 1982, in a case where a New York cabbie cursed a pedestrian, the ruling was that the behaviour was acceptable and part of ‘the realities of life in New York City’. Now with taxi companies already complaining that limousine hire companies doing short, on the spot runs are taking their business, they’re not even allowed to complain about it.

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