Subsidised Limo Hire

Should limousine hire be subsidised for older drivers? You know, the drivers who are too old to really be driving safely on the road but have slipped through the cracks of the testing system and have retained their license.

Even if their eye sight isn’t as bad as the next person’s or they haven’t had a couple of heart attacks, older drivers are more limited on the roads. They have a slower reaction time, deteriorating eyesight and hearing and are more likely to be ‘spooked’ by a horn or an animal on the road and have an accident.

However, these people are still very proud too and don’t want to ask their family to go out of their way to drive them around, and definitely don’t want to have to deal with often rude and limited taxi drivers and their communal vehicles.

So since older drivers would predominantly be hiring a limousine during the day and during the week, the price is already reduced as these are off peak times, so do we give these drivers back a little dignity and give them a chance to get around town in safety and style?

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