Stupid Limo Laws

There are plenty of stupid laws out there which we feel we have the right to ignore, after all they’re stupid. How many of you have jaywalked because it was too far to walk to the lights? How many times have you driven over the speed limit because it was recently stupidly changed to a slower speed?

We’ve all done it and while we know we shouldn’t we still feel like we’re not really doing anything wrong – we looked both ways before crossing the road and we’re just driving at what the speed limit used to be – what could possibly go wrong. The thing is everyone has a different threshold for breaking ‘stupid’ laws. One person’s stupid law may be another person’s delinquent limit.

In the limousine industry we know there are sooo many ‘stupid’ laws and this is usually because new limousines have been built before the laws can catch up with them. So if the limousine you REALLY wanted was technically illegal, would you care? Does your line run through the myriad of ‘stupid’ limo laws?

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