Student Limos

Every year at prom time there is the ‘great debate’ about whether students are spending too much money on their prom limos. And even whether they should be allowed to take limo to their prom at all!

How unfair! Your school prom is one of the last times in your life when you will be able to really let down your hair. School’s done with, you’re probably going on to more study and you don’t really have any responsibly (no mortgage, no kids, no bills). Just because some students are not as well off as others, schools and community groups want to ban everyone from the privilege of riding in a limo to their prom.

Well I think that the world is not a level playing field and there will always be people who are better off than others and school is as good a time as any to learn that. There are so many weekend sports which don’t keep score to teach the kids it’s not about who wins or loses and depriving students of a prom limo is the same crazy theory.

People keep score in life and it is about who wins and who loses, enjoy a little luxury while you can.

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