Why Can't I Split My Hire Times?

When you are contacting limo hire companies looking for quotes for special transport for your special occasion, you have probably found that most limo hire companies have a minimum hire time, which can be anywhere from two to four hours depending on the time of the day, week and year.

This is because to get a limousine ready, including the time it takes to clean and polish, refuel and research the run, not to mention the travelling time to make the pickups, can take several hours before you have even set foot in your limousine. Therefore, not only does a minimum hire time mean that the limo hire company can guarantee a certain amount of income from the time they have spent getting ready for your run, but it also ensures that their limo chauffeurs are not cleaning and preparing for jobs half a dozen times a day, and spending time they can’t charge for.

However, in most cases your event will require at least two or three hours of hire anyway and if it doesn’t you can enjoy an extended limo ride and sit back and relax in the comfortable and private surroundings – there are worse ways to spend your time.

Some limo hire companies will also make sure that you understand that you cannot split your hire time either. You cannot pay for an hour of hire to get you to your event and then an hour of hire to get you home again, without paying for the hour in the middle which is your event. This is like trying to buy a new dress and asking that you can take half of the dress home now and the other half later.

It doesn’t work that way and it is the same with limo hire, it is simply the nature of it that it doesn’t come in hour blocks, because if you want the preparation of your chauffeur and the sparkling clean limousine, you hire for the whole block of time.

For more information about the minimum hire times of your limousine, contact a limo hire company from this page.

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