Small limo or a big party bus limo?

Does size matter? It’s the age old question isn’t it, but I think we can answer it here if we put our heads together, don’t you? What do you think – is a smaller limousine more romantic because of the intimate atmosphere it creates, or is a big 20 seater party bus just as romantic if the company is right?

You can see why people would think that a smaller, more intimate limousine is better for creating a romantic atmosphere as you have little choice but to sit right next to your partner and the smaller interior of the limousine can make you feel more private and secluded – less cavernous shall we say?

But then there is the mood lighting which you can play with in the larger super stretch limousines which you don’t often get in the smaller ones. Plus there is plenty of room to stretch out in a larger limousine, not to mention you can feel like you’re further away from the chauffeur and therefore more private.

So is the size debate just a personal preference then?

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