Sixt-rent-a-car launches electric car hire scheme today

Sixt-rent-a-car’s electric car hire scheme is due to launch in London today. The Fulham/ Chelsea branch of the car hire firm will be the first of the Sixt outlets to offer the zero emissions cars for hire.

Sixt will introduce a range of Ev’ie Citroen models as part of their drive to lower carbon emission and to offer customers a green travel option. The Ev’ie from Citroen boasts some impressive green credentials which will no doubt be a big attraction for those customers who are eager to reduce their carbon footprint.

The Citroen Ev’ie  is the ideal choice for travel around the city of London as it gives off zero emissions therefore it is exempt from the central London congestion charge, and has designated car parking spots dotted around the city. The Citroen Ev’ie is the Citroen C1’s green sister. Like the C1 the Ev’ie is a 5 door vehicle with room onboard for 4 passengers.

Hiring an electric car in London can often work out a lot cheaper than hiring your usual fuel powered vehicle. For a start the fuel and running costs are significantly lower; an electric car can be re-charged from as a little as 95p from a domestic power point, and that 95p could potentially keep your car running all day.

However the Ev’ie has its limits. The green machine has a range of 75 miles and a top speed of 60mph, but for city driving, it’s still a very viable option.

To get a closer look at the electric hire cars available at Sixt-rent-a-car, head down to their Fulham/ Chelsea showroom where the cars are currently on display.

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