Sex and The City's Real Viewers

When you think of Sex and the City, you don’t automatically think about luxury cars do you? You think about gorgeous clothes, gorgeous women, and of course just enough gorgeous men. After all, the series and the movie are both set in new York city where almost no one who lives in the city owns their own car, so why would you expect to see a veritable fleet of Mercedes-Benz limousines in the new movie?

Well, I suppose, if you stopped and thought about it, what other car would the gorgeous girls from Sex and the City be riding in anyway? Mercedes-Benz limousines fit perfectly with the luxury and style of the characters, but this is apparently not the reason for their almost starring role in the movie.

Actually, Sex and the City has a lot of closet male viewers (not viewers who are in the closet, just those who like the show for the women, not their shoes), plus the Mercedes-Benz limousine was part of the New York fashion show and the producers wanted to recreate that scene in the movie as accurately as possible.

So I guess the movie has something for everyone, in or out of the closet.

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