Serious Limousine Issues

The representatives of the General Assembly take their position very seriously, and this is very important because they have a very real power to change and implement new laws in areas where they see need improvement. With the session for 2008 drawing to a close only earlier this month, the community and its representatives in the assembly are already looking towards the 2009 session and the issues to be addressed.

For example Delegate Steve DeBoy is looking to bring up some of the bills which they lost in this year’s legislature. While DeBoy wants to push one of his bills concerning impersonating a police officer further than it was able to travel this year, he is also under pressure to withdraw some of his bills too.

One bill which DeBoy was asked to review the submission of was aimed at regulating limousine services. The state Public Service Commission also showed interest in negotiating some of the regulations, however the Maryland Limousine Association has asked DeBoy to withdraw this bill.

With the support of the Public Service Commission, the concerns outlined in DeBoy’s bill are likely to be addressed during the interim, and if not, he will re-introduce the bill again next year. The regulation of the limousine services in the area is concerned with the fact that many limousine hire companies do not take their business or their services very seriously and therefore don’t bother securing the proper insurance.

The Maryland Limousine Association however, is concerned over the extra regulation in an already heavily monitored industry and in regulating limousine hire companies and their insurance requirements across the board, it does not account for the fact that no two limousine hire companies, nor their passengers, are the same.

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