Prom Limo Bus Popularity

Party bus prom limos have shot up in popularity this prom season and it’s not hard to see why. You can fit more of your friends into a party bus limo, meaning you can split the cost more ways, and have more money to spend on your shoes. But what about the classically stylish prom limo you ask?

Well, I went to my prom in a bus and that was almost ten years ago. Yes, I’m from what can only be described as a big country town and therefore the ‘prom bus’ was not a party bus limo, it was a classic bus with dark red leather seats, windows which didn’t open and nothing which even resembled a TV, a bar or a sound system.

But at that time, in my neighbourhood there were no party bus limos available to us, but we had a great time anyway. My group of friends were unique, we were relaxed and not afraid to do the wrong thing because we didn’t know the correct limo behaviour and it gives me something to talk about with you now!

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