Party Bus or a Stretch Limo

Do you think that a party bus is just as good a limousine? Say you hired a party bus limousine for your prom night to split the cost amongst more of your friends so you could all enjoy the limousine experience. Did you have just as much fun as your friends who went in a traditional limousine with just a few other people?

And is a party bus limousine always an appropriate alternative to a traditional limousine? Are they interchangeable for everyone? Can you have a conversation with all of your friends or family in a traditional limousine? Does a party bus limousine give you the same feeling of being royalty or a celebrity that you get from a traditional limousine?

Or is it just a different experience? Does a party bus limousine give you more freedom to – as the name suggests – party, where a traditional limousine is just right for a wedding? What do you think? Have you ridden in both kinds of limousine, or know people who have? Would you vote for the traditional limousine, or ride the party bus into the sunset?

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