One stop shop, jack of all trades, master of none

When you see a limo hire company – or any company or business for that matter – which offers a ‘one stop shop’ sort of service are you sceptical? Does the phrase ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ spring to mind, or do you want a limo hire company which takes care of everything?

After all, in finding a limo hire company which takes care of ‘everything’ it’s not literally everything – they’re not doing your dry cleaning and collecting your mail, but they may organise a dinner reservation, tickets to a show, entry to a club, all of which just enhance the limo hire experience don’t they?

Or do you prefer companies which focus on one thing because you are happy to do the rest of the shopping around for yourself?

Personally I don’t think dinner reservations and a bottle of champagne are out of the realm of a limo hire company anyway. Even a limo hire company which specialises in wedding limos may even be able to recommend a caterer or a venue because they are in the industry and if you don’t take their wide ranging advice, aren’t you just passing up an opportunity from someone who’s done it before?

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