New York limo vandalised in road rage attack

Road rage attack sees limo damaged in New York street

A limo travelling through New York City over the weekend had its windscreen smashed in after an irate motorcyclist sought revenge after the limousine clipped his bike and didn’t stop.

The cyclist became enraged after the limo chauffeur knocked his bike as the two vehicles travelled along 6th Avenue in New York. The motorcyclist was heard to say, “He hit me and kept going. I’m sick of this.”

When the limo came to a halt at a set of traffic lights the cyclist jumped off his bike, and sprinted to the limousine. At this point he is reported to have leaped on to the bonnet of the limo where he started pounding at the windscreen with his bare hands, smashing the glass.

Still incensed, the cyclist then turned his attention to the chauffeur directly. He tore at the half-open window on the driver’s side of the limo, shattering the glass, then grabbed the chauffeur inside the limo, ripping his shirt.

A group of fellow motorcyclists then descended on the scene, convincing the angry motorcycle rider to calm down.

The police were called and even though the chauffeur didn’t want to press charges, the cyclist was arrested.

Speaking after the altercation the limo chauffeur, who was on route to pick up a client at the time of the incident, said, “I thought I was a dead man.”

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