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If you are calling a limo hire company to organise corporate hire for your boss to get home from the airport after a business meeting, you need to make sure that you can give the limousine hire company as much information as possible. This is not only important to ensure that the limousine airport transfer you are organising for your boss meets all of their needs, but also that it is able to pick them up at all.

A limousine hire company will try to find out as much information about where their passengers are coming from and going to, to ensure that there are little extras which make the ride special. For example, if they are picking up a passenger after a red-eye flight and know they are taking them straight to the office, the limo hire company make ensure there is hot, fresh coffee waiting. However, if the limo hire company knows their tired passenger is going straight home for a sleep, they may provide a relaxing tea instead.

However, before the limo hire company can pamper their passengers, they need to be able to find them, so if you are booking a corporate limousine airport transfer, make sure you have all of the information you need. This includes the flight number, the airline, the flight time, the gate or terminal number and all the information the limo hire company will need to recognise their passenger.

This is important because if your boss is being picked up at one of the larger airports in the UK, then there are so many terminals, baggage claims and gates, that is it not as easy to say ‘meet them in the foyer’, or ‘meet them at the baggage collection point’ as they need more information to find the correct spot.



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