Mistaken Identity

While limousine hire companies and chauffeurs will do as much as they can to ensure that you have everything you need for your limousine ride, that they have checked out the route to take to make the best time and that you will arrive at the airport or the hotel in time for your flight or check in, everyone makes mistakes too, so make sure you are still alert when being picked up by a limousine.

For example, one limousine chauffeur had the name and photograph of the passenger he was picking up from the airport. When he saw his passenger, the chauffeur escorted him to the limousine and headed off to the hotel. Down the road, the limousine passenger asks his chauffeur how he knows where he is going and the chauffeur tells him that the travel agent organised it and told him where to take the passenger.

The passenger says he didn’t book through a travel agent and when the chauffeur double checks the passenger’s full name, he find he has picked up the twin brother of his actual passenger.

Another limo hire company gets a call from their chauffeur when the passenger they were to meet at the airport hasn’t shown up. When the limo hire company finds the passenger he is already at his hotel and thanks the limo hire company for the wonderful ride. The limo hire company then gets another call from a different limo hire company saying that they have picked up their passenger and want to be paid for the run.

Other limousine chauffeurs have been known to drive down a street looking for the house of their passenger, only to see someone at the curb with their baggage and load them up and take them to the airport. However, one arriving at the airport, the hire price is usually different, or they may have paid already, but the chauffeur has picked up the wrong passenger, as two people on the same street happened to be looking out for limo hire.


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