Mistaken Booking!

When booking a limousine for any occasion, be it one as important as your wedding day or as mundane as getting home from the airport, you want to make sure you can rely on your limousine and chauffeur to be ready and waiting for you at all times. This is why a professional, experienced limousine hire company will not only offer you a quote and give you their limo’s availability times, but will make sure you have a complete signed contract so you can be sure your limo will be there for you.

However, in the case of this groom, he didn’t realise he needed such a contract from the limo hire company he thought he had booked with. The limo hire company received a call from his best man at the end of his wedding reception asking where the limo ride for the bride and groom was!

What had happened was the groom had enquired about limousine hire, asked for a quote and the limo hire company had followed up, at which time the groom thought he would book with them, and so was told he needed to provide a 25% deposit. Not receiving a deposit or any further communication, the limo hire company assumed he had booked elsewhere and so booked their limousines for other passengers on the night of the wedding.

Even though the limo hire company was able to provide a wedding limousine at the last minute, they asked for payment over the phone via credit card, at which point the groom argued that the limo hire company was mistaken and the ride should be free. Not being able to produce a booking confirmation and still expecting a free ride, the groom refused to pay the limo hire company and hung up.

While a wedding can be a hectic time and things can get forgotten, if you have done your research and chosen a good quality limo hire company, they will ensure you receive a confirmation and a contract for your hire, so you know if you see nothing like that, you should check what you have and haven’t confirmed for your big day.


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