Miss Limo

Miss LimoMiss Limo has become a staple of the European Limousine and Chauffeur Show, held in the UK every September, and is seen as adding some extra glitz and glamour to an already sparkling industry.

However, do you agree that the Miss Limo contest should be a part of the Limousine Show? Does the contest give a new and fresh personality to the limousine industry where previously it has been seen as the domain of businessmen and their butlers? The girls are not only judged on their looks and style, they are also required to answer questions and are judged similarly to Miss Universe and the like.

Or does the Miss Limo contest detract from the class of the limousine industry by making a tacky fashion show a part of the line up of one of the biggest limousine shows in the world? Maybe the contest does both and simply makes it easier for division of limo hire companies in the industry. After all there will still be the limo hire companies who see doing prom limo hire as beneath them, as well as their counterparts who see a chauffeur tuxedo as an optional extra.

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