Luxury Travel Points

Industry partnerships are great ways to secure new customers and customers who may not have even thought about using your product or service. There are many different ways to organise a corporate partnership and you may offer a discount on limo hire when passengers buy products of a certain amount with your partnership company, or you may offer limo hire as part of a rewards system for your partnership company.

Either way, working with a complimentary business for limousine hire such as a funeral director, wedding planner, or even a hotel or a cake decorator, allows you to reach customers your business may not have had access to before. While offering discounts and special offers to customers of your partnership company, gets you exposure, and may lead to these customers redeeming their vouchers with your limo hire company, you may also want to work with a rewards program.

Most people who have a credit card have a rewards program linked to it. The ones who use their card smart will pay their bills and shop online using their credit card, accumulate the points and pay it off right away when they are paid. Therefore, there are a lot of people out there who take their points collection seriously and if they can be rewarded with luxury limo hire they are going to take it even more seriously.

The conditions of working with a credit card rewards system need to be worthwhile for your limo hire company, however, when customers redeem their points and enjoy a ride in one of your limos, you are not only getting your limos and chauffeurs seen, you are also offering professional and luxurious service which your ‘rewards points’ passenger is going to want to replicate very soon, they may even put their next limo ride on their credit card.

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