Luxury Collector's Edition

I’m all for special editions of things, collector’s editions or anniversary editions – I happen to think that if a product, service or company has survived long enough to reach a milestone year, then that should be celebrated, plus I like to have something which is better than what other people have.

I’m also a bit partial to the Golf, it is a fun, small, sporty car, but it also has the prestige of a luxury car badge and that often comes with all of the lovely luxuries you would expect like sunroof, extra speakers and the latest technology. However, when Golf released a Collector’s Edition the only difference was that it came with leather.

Yes, if you’re buying a Golf, you probably choose the leather option anyway because it is a luxury car and a prestige brand and you want everyone to know. So what else should the Collector’s Edition Golf have that the others don’t?

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