Local Limos or Diluted Industry?

It was in the news recently that Iranian vehicle manufacturers were going to start making their own models of limousine. Now this is of course good for the local economy and good for the locals who want to be able to choose ‘home grown’ products, but is adding yet another limousine manufacturer to the mix just going to dilute the industry further?

Every vehicle manufacturer with an ounce of imagination, or maybe it’s those with a desire to find a new ‘cash cow’, has decided that they can make their own limousine. They either chop open and extend an existing vehicle, or they start from scratch, but there are now more vehicles out there with different badges on them, calling themselves limousines.

So is this a good thing for the industry in that it creates more choice for passengers and more competition for better hire deals and service, or is it just diluting the class and style of a very traditional industry?

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