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World leaders are often under the spotlight and need to be sure of their transport’s reliability, safety and comfort. Therefore they often choose the latest and most sophisticated limousines as their official transport.

Limousines offer advanced privacy, from driver to passenger as well as from passenger to the outside. Limousines also lend themselves to being chauffeur driven and the emphasis is often just as much on the comfort and facilities of the rear passengers, as well as for the driver.

This can be seen in the choice of limousines for the American Presidents. For his second inauguration in 2005, President George W Bush chose the new model Cadillac DTS limousine. This was also the new model Cadillac’s first use. The new Cadillac limousine was customised for President Bush and was armour plated.

Former US Presidents were also no stranger to the luxury car, Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson all rode in a 1950 Lincoln Cosmopolitan.

Like President Bush, Eisenhower was one of the first to ride in an Eldorado in the 1953 Inauguration Day Parade.

The affinity with the limousine did not only capture Western leaders. After Stalin presented Mao Zedong with five bullet proof stretch limos in the 1950s, the style and class of these limousines bread envy among China’s top leadership and so Mao ordered the creation of the Hong Qi, meaning Made in China, version of the Soviet limousine for his staff.

These limousines were hammered by hand and production was very slow, so in the 1960s and ‘70s, there were 100 Hong Qi Red Flag limousines for the use of China’s top leadership.

There is now a Red Flag limousine service operating for tourists and sightseers in Beijing who can travel around the city in a ‘Madame Mao’s Red Flag’ stretch limousine.

Presidential limousines are generally based on limousines in production for domestic use and you can therefore choose to hire models of limousines similar to those ridden in by the world leaders. For more information about the limousines available in your area, contact HireLimos now.

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