Limousine caught on fire at a gas station

While there are fire engine limousines for hire and there are many limousines which will claim to heat up your party, few limousine hire companies actually want to see their limousines engulfed in flames. Unfortunately, the Carmel Fire Department attended to this very situation last week, as a limousine belonging to a local limo hire company caught fire at a gas station.

At around three in the afternoon, the fire engines – the ones with the water hoses not the disco lights – were called to a gas station where they found a black limousine smoking heavily and flames visible from underneath the vehicle. The limousine was sitting close to the gas pumps, but not under the canopy which protects the customers from bad weather as they fill up their tanks. Because the smoking limousine was so close to the gas pumps, there was also an ambulance on the scene.

The fire crew worked quickly in their protective gear, and were able to extinguish the fire with a large hose from their fire engine. The limousine chauffeur later explained that he had pulled in the service station for fuel and stopped just before the pumps to wait for the vehicle in front to leave.

When the chauffeur turned off his limousine, he smelled smoke and immediately got out and went to get help. Fortunately there were not passengers, and no one else in the limousine at the time. A mechanic who works for the limo hire company suspects that it may have been a bad catalytic converter which started the fire.

No one was injured in this incident, and it was simply made worse by the fact that the fire started at a gas station with so much dangerous fuel around. Luckily the chauffeur acted quickly and the fire fighters were able to control and extinguish the fire before anyone was hurt.

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